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Point of Sale Integration

Do you want to accept card payments at your local farmers market? Our card Point of Sale (POS) payment setup service enables you to use your iPhone or iPad to accept payments. You can be set up in a matter of minutes, ready for you to accept card payments anywhere in the future!

Why do you need our POS setup service? 2 in 5 consumers now wish to pay for all goods and services using debit and credit cards.

What can you expect from our POS setup service?

- We will download the payment app and register your details with Shopify

- We will pair your card reader with your device

- You will get one card reader free (valued at approx $100)

- We will setup all your products in a neat an easy way for you to start selling online immediately

 What are the monthly costs to you?

- Monthly fee for POS system - $9/month (can be cancelled at any time)

- Transaction fees per sale of 2.7% with no additional hidden costs

So what you waiting for? start taking payments immediately, with cash going directly to your bank account within 7 days.