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We help you grow your business

Discover - We begin by helping YOU do the work. With our Brand Discovery document, we help you get down to the core of your brand: what your values are, your personality & voice as a company, and sometimes even surprise with realizations into what you’re REALLY selling.

Strategize - With Brand Discovery in hand, we take over and have a 1 hour meeting with you to get even deeper into what you want out of a website, what the goals are and how customers should move through the site. We then use this information to start our exploration & research. At the end of this phase, you’ll receive our Comprehensive Website Plan. This plan will cover everything about your site: Who we’re talking to, who your competitors are, what your unique selling points and key differentiators are and even come up with a preliminary site map.

Visualize - Now the fun part begins. We’ll spend a couple weeks at our design stations coming up with innovative new design solutions that fit your brand and goals best. We’ll present two very different homepage options to you, and once one direction is approved, design out the rest of your site.

Build - Once you have approved your website design, it goes into our coding lab where our highly-skilled developers make your website design a reality, with all the client-end customizations options we can offer. We’ll even give you a brief tutorial on our content management system to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as your website is ready to go.

Test - While we’re busy looking for bugs and testing across all platforms, once again, you’ll be taking the reigns of the project. You’ll go through your website adding in all the text, pictures, videos and anything else we need to make this site live (and we can absolutely help with this part if you need additional service). With the testing complete and the content in place, your website will launch!

Grow - But we don’t leave you at the Go Live date. We track everything from clicks and visitors to phone calls from the site, and will even help support you with Adwords marketing and click campaigns to track which buttons were clicked. A great site has a reactive growth plan, we’ll help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your site at every step!