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Shopify Store Planning

Do you want to create a Shopify Store? Not sure where or how to start? Our Planning Services will help you create the perfect store.

Why you need a Plan: Every store has different needs and requirements. By making use of a detailed plan you will be able to understand exactly what you want and what functionality your store requires.

What can I expect from my Shopify Plan?

  • 30 min of consultation/planning meeting
  • A highly detailed information guide
  • Detailed planning of your sitemap & site navigation
  • Payment method & shipping cost setup advice
  • Fully detailed time and cost outlines
  • 30 min Plan presentation & discussion

What can I do with my Shopify Plan? Your plan will help you understand what you need to set up a successful shopify store. Although we hope you will partner with us, you are welcome to implement your roadmap by yourself or with others.